Hey people,

I'm here to share my very first recorded song with you.
It's a solo ballad called always, and there's my shitty mix of it:


I used Pianissimo for the piano track, Ez Drummer for Drums (not the best vst I know) and some plugins for guitar dist and clean. Tell me what you think and feel free to mix it.

Here are the tracks (tempo 138):

I'll love to ear a better mixed version of it, and I'll upload that version to my youtube and soundcloud channels and I'll give all mixing credits to the mixer for sure

Hope you like it!
Please post in the correct forum, either Original Recordings if you wish to just show off the song, or "The ONLY "crit my mix" thread" sticky at the top of this forum, if you want advice on the mix.

PS. Your link to the song doesn't work.
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