I have just visited a local guitar store that sell and recommended guitars of the brand Shine. The guy in the store especially recommended me a few Shine LP models (not sure about the exact models) for about 300 euro. I've never heard of Shine. I also don't like the LP design, for no good reason except it doesn't feel right. But that's another matter.

Anyway, the guy said it's a Korean manufacturer who also have a factory in China and that it's an OEM for Epiphone and some other brands. Wikipedia agrees with this, so far so good.
Actually he also claimed they are an OEM for Gibson (and that this is why their Les Pauls didn't look exactly like the real LP). This is something Wiki does not agree with.

He also claimed that the 300 Euro LP models he was demonstrating was just as good as the corresponding Epiphone models for twice the money... but that's a bit hard for me to swallow. Basically he said they make guitars for Epi and this is the same thing but lots cheaper.

I have serious doubts, but since I'm new to guitar playing I can't really tell. Apart from common sense which tells me this sounds too good to be true. I would feel a lot better getting a guitar from a brand I at least recognize.

So my question is does anyone know more about Shine? Is there something to the store guy's claims about quality or is this just sales talk?

Thanks for any help.
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