Hey guys, I am looking for an affordable les paul that has similar specs to this Gibson:


Are there any epiphone's or edwards that look exactly the same as the gibson?
Thanks in advance!

The only ones I found is the Epiphone black beauty, which I dislike the three pickups and the epiphone custom, which I dislike the very light brown rosewood fretboard.
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Edwards has a model like that, but they (Edwards in general) are very hard to find. Also keep in mind that the quality will be nowhere near Gibson CS quality.
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gibson les paul studio used. same pups as the custom. a lot different in looks and craftmanship but it is pretty close. weight difference will be significant also but you should definitely look at this:


edit1: just did a search on allofcraigs.com, they seem to hover on the used market for 700-900usd

edit2: didnt realize you just want the looks. thought you would want something that sounds similar. well good luck. the studio in alpine white/gold hardware is equipped with an ebony fretboard, other than that i dont know what to tell you
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Check out the Tokai LC series. They are basically the same thing but much cheaper and don't have the Gibson logo.
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Yeah the epiphone seems the best choice. Well I am just looking for one to use as a second guitar, that would have different style and playing than my M-1000.
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Find a Burny clone on Ebay...they're said to be the next best thing.
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