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It's got some timing flaws, and keep in mind that i've only been playing trumpet for 2 weeks now!
The guitar playing is lovely. Like you say, the timing could be a lot tighter, I would really try and work on that. I think the trumpet sounded pretty cool, but I don't think it's at the standard of your guitar playing yet, though the ideas were good.

Overall, it's a nice little track with lots of potential.
Timing aside this was actually really well written I think (especially with the fact that you picked up the trumpet 2 weeks ago). The track has a really nice full sound, and it doesn't sound like anything is really competing to be hear at all, it blends really nicely. I think that if it built up to something it would be even more awesome, but nonetheless still a pleasant sounding tune.

I am curious though, are the drums sampled or not? the cymbals sound like it but the kick and snare dont to me.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1503490
Thanks for listening!
the drums are direct out from my digital drums, so you heard well
i'm gonna rerecord it because it got lost a little with the timing!
i'll give your tracks a listen!
The beginning reminds me of some clean parts in cynic songs, a very chill track. I tried playing trumpet for a while and was really bad at it so congrats. Are you thinking of putting some vocals on it?
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Hey dude, thanks for your crit!

I really don't mind the timing issues. They're definetly not big enough to disturb me that much, so yeah.

I'm not sure about the doubletracking on the trumpet. It irritates me actually a bit. Either that or I'm just not used to it. The drums sound also a bit weak, but that's probably what you intented. Really enjoying the piece around 1:40. Just laid back and chilled. The change is also great totally didn't expect that. But sounds absolutly fine to me. You got some nice melodies going on there. 2:35 reminds me of a Dashboard Confessional song, I just don't have the name right now. The ending kind of too, not sure why. I can just picture Chris Carraba singing to that tuen

Well, overall it's a solid song that could benefit from a bit polishing and definetly from a better mixing. But for a Demo it sounds pretty solid. I Like it!

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thanks for the crits and comments on the song!!

its really only the timing.
The trumpet obvious can be a bit more prominent, but the more experience you get the better it will sound

the chords on the second guitar in the beginning made it seem like the guitar was out of tune a bit? not sure if it was but it sounded that way

excellent work, keep up witht he trumpet, tis a fun instrument