Is anyone using LACE Pickups? Want to buy a set, but would like some feedback first. Thanks.
Great for countryfolkpoprapcore.

Srsly, for what genre, guitar but most importantly, through what amp bro? ???
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i have lace sensors in my Strat Plus Deluxe and really like them. i use a blue in the bridge and silvers in the neck and middle. very quiet and have a larger frequency range than regular strat pups. you can hear my strat in the song The Land Unknown found in my profile. if you want a good single coil sound then LS are a good choice. haven't tried the humbuckers but have heard good things about them.
I like metal/Punk, have a strat, and I don't know what amp I have, I know its an older one though. I saw an ad in Decibal Magazine, thats why I asked. Can I buy Lace pickups direct?
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Can I buy Lace pickups direct?

No, but i recently bought a single one from MF to fill out a set I have awaiting a project. They seem to have a decent selection available online.
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I like metal/Punk, have a strat, and I don't know what amp I have, I know its an older one though. I saw an ad in Decibal Magazine, thats why I asked. Can I buy Lace pickups direct?
If it's a cheap solid state amp then new pick-ups will sadly be a waste of money as they are designed to be ran through a decent quality valve amp, or a good quality ss amp. It defeats the purpose of having great pick-ups if your amp is below-par.
Most of the lace products focus more toward the strat tones from different points throughout the years. They also have several newer lines like the Hemi and the Alumitones. I just put an Alumitone Deathbucker neck, silver single center, and blue/gold dually bridge in a project guitar. I like the bridge and mid the best. The Deathbucker grinds through metal and can clean up nicely but it sound a bit sterile and loses massive output when you try splitting it. They are all quite pricey compared to other major brands like Dimarzio and Duncan. I personally like the DiMarzio's we put in another project better.
I actually went on their site, they do sell direct now, and @ poppameth, what about the drop and gains alumatones for metal? I was looking at those and checked out their their youtube page, pretty cool stuff.
Matt Pike from High on Fire (awesome Stoner Rock band) are supposedly using either a custom set, is in the process of designing a custom set, or is using the Drop and Gains already. He has fantastic tone and knows his shit, if that makes any difference.
I played a strat with lace in a GC the other day, through a Delux Reverb. Those things sound amazing! Regrettably, the staff had no idea which ones they were. They were older and the printed label had rubbed off. It was my first experience with them and I definitely had to add them to my list of possible pups to upgrade with.

Pretty much, run through a tube amp ASAP! I honestly couldn't point you to a good enough SS amp to fit the bill...
I haven't heard most of them in person. No one around here carries them to try out. The Alumitone Deathbucker is pretty awesome for metal so long as you aren't trying to split the coils on it. The Drop and Gains do sound great in the video. And he's right, sustain in massive on the guitar we put these in. It's a cheap plywood RX170 body, but we put a Wilkinson trem in with a larger brass block and the set of Lace pups. The thing will hold a note for miles if you wan it to. I like Lace sensors, but I like some of the DiMarzio and Duncan stuff just as well. They each have a certain place I think. Once of the great things about Lace is being able to jack the pup up until it's almost touching the strings and you still get virtually no magnetic pull on the strings.