I'm a newbie at electric guitar, but I had my second gig today. The problem was I couldn't hear my own guitar playing so I felt occasionally lost.. I noticed some guy would be wearing earbuds on stage. Not sure if this was somehow connected to their guitar?
You can buy in ear monitors but they can get pricey. I've never looked into them but I know a few bands that use them and swear by em. If your having trouble hearing yourself, just make sure your amp is positioned as good as it can be. And don't be afraid to ask for more of yourself in the monitors. That's what they are there for.
Stand closer to your amp, possibly make yourself louder if it suits, and always wear ear protection regardless of whether you play on a concert, during repetition or when attending a concert
Monitors will slove your problems... do you have a PA? if you do you can hook a few monitors up to it, like Maximo 33 said In-ear monitors canget pricey but they are worth it. My church has a set and it's awesome when I play to be able to use them.
You will also want to check your EQ settings on your amp. I a band setting you might need to increase your midrange and decrease your bass in order to cut through better. Also, lowering the gain will often help.
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did you use monitors? if you did just turn up the volume on yours. if you don't use them for whatever reason i would try to place your amp close to you, maybe at the same height of your head but make sure it doesn't overrule the other instruments
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