I'm trying to figure out how to make a talk box to run my guitar through. I couldn't find anything on here about talk boxes so I thought I would make this to ask about it and help anybody trying to make one.

Link to instructions from wiki


Video tutorial of how to make a different talk box.


These are two different talk boxes, I think I trust the youtube one more because he give sound samples and you watch him make it. But the wiki one seems more like a pedal system. I want a talk box I can turn on and off maybe like with a footswitch that will bypass it? anyone know how to do this, I have no idea where to start I'll keep reading and post anything that I find, any advice or builds you have used would be appreciated.

I need it to work just like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zg3xwciq8TA
It starts at about 3:50 for time's sake

Run up the mike and isn't always on
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I just found this site that has more what I was looking for. I just see it saws not to use an amp over 30 watts with the type of driver it suggests. I'm just using the Bugera V55 so what hardware would I need to make this work? I just don't understand impedance and circuits.

Danelectro 1959 reissue

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Music is just wiggly air. Accept it or leave it.

Also please visit this thread and help me tab out an album!!!
the one on the video seems more reliable, because it uses a horn driver and not a speaker, what i dont know is the frequency response on the horn driver, so i dont know how it would behave on higher notes, and you can adapt that one to function like a pedal, but you have to use a small amp circuit, i recommend the fetzer/ruby amp, its used for sustainers.

but now im getting too technical xD let me get on the subject and i'll try to figure out how to do it
This belongs in GB&C, where they probably have threads devoted to this very subject.
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I made one out of an old Marshall battery powered amp thing that I got for free.

It works fine. Just messed about with the speaker positioning, padded the shit out of the back, put a bog plunger over the speaker, sealed it off, and put some tubing for the mouthpiece.

Works fine
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A talkbox is literally just a replacement speaker that's at the end of a tube. The other end of the tube goes in your mouth, and the sound comes out of your mouth into a vocal microphone. All the footswitch does is switch between the regular speaker and the talkbox speaker.

All you need is a horn driver with the correct power handling for your amp, a plastic tube, a pedal case, a good quality footswitch and a few heavy duty jacks (since it'll be handling a high powered load). Test it with a solid state amp or you run the risk of damaging your valve amp.

If you're looking for something more like a normal pedal, the Rocktron Banshee is a good compromise though; it goes in front of your amp like a normal pedal but has a built in amp so in operation it's much more like a stompbox. Still needs a vocal mic though.
If you want one with no mic required, there's the Danelectro free speech, which has a little microphone on the end of the tube. It's not the best though.