so i have absolutely no problem with pinch harmonics.. as long as its on the D/G string, but the E/A seem to thick and i can't ever get a pinch harmonic to squeel, and on the B/e they seem ti skinny and i can't get any sort of harmonic, my thumb just ends up muting the note, so what am i doing wrong? its a great technique, but i am having serious trouble. help!!
You have to "dig" a bit more on the thicker strings.
Also be aware of the "nodes" on the strings. The nodes are areas along a string in which a pinch can actually ring out. Try play the pinch along the E string, I believe it should be somewhere along the Bridge pick up.

Also crank up the gain and stick an overdrive pedal on.
Although cranking the gain up is discouraged it may help you get the technique down.
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My guess a that you're trying to pinch really hard, try to get a light touch and make sure it's in exactly the right place.

Tip: pinches are where natural harmonics are but displaced. So a 3rd fret pinch will be around the imaginary 27th fret for the octave, and so on. Well kinda at least.
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thanks guys, its not the best guitar, so i can't expect it to be too great, but i'll try all the ideas you've posted. thanks again. =]