Hey guys!

I was wondering if you could help me about a comparison I'm making.
The models that I'm comparing are

1. ESP LTP Eclipse EC-1000 VB (Duncans) VS gibson les paul studio (manly the standard studio and the silverburst version)

2.ESP Eclipse Distressed (duncan's) VS Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom (the new models) and Gibson Les Paul Traditional

I didn't pick the esp with the emg's because i think it wouldn't be so comparable, since the gibsons have passive pick ups.

So tell me what you think in terms of sound, versatility, construction, malfunctions, etc.

Thanks for helping me!
I'd get the black EC-1000 with gold hardware and a goldish stripe round the shape. Just because it's the only LP-style guitar I think isn't ugly.
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I've played the Eclipse with EMGs and it was incredible, but I've never had the chance to play the Eclipse with Duncans.
The ESP is probably going to be the best made (at least, the most consistently good) of the four. I played some really nasty Gibsons and some really nice ones a few weeks ago, one of them was a LP CC. It was heavy and not really to my taste. Fretwork was nowhere near phenomenal either, despite being "Plek'd". However the particular studio I played I quite enjoyed. It was a "worn" model.

Eclipses are thinner and considerably lighter (and consequently sound a bit thinner) than Les Pauls unless you get a full thickness one (an EC-1000t/EC-1000-t/CTM).
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I have a custom and have an EMG 81/85 combo and it sounds amazing. Depends what you play though, I used the passives for awhile and found it couldn't cut it for the high gain/sharp metal tone I wanted. It was great for Zep covers and shit, but wasn't exactly what I wanted. So I say a Les Paul all the way, and depending if you play rock or metal grab either the EMGs or leave the passives in both. Both sets rock.
I have owned an EC-1000 and an EC-400AT, both with Duncans. They sound awesome and I would buy either over a Les Paul Studio any day. They're built better, in my opinion, and both have Duncan JB/59s - which are my favorite pickup combo. It sounds huge. I never had a problem with either of them. One of my biggest regrets is getting rid of my EC-1000. I was just looking at buying another.
you're comparing apples to oranges here. despite looking alot like a les-paul, the ESP is very unlike any lp (i have an eclipse and an lp, by the way). the body is significantly thinner, and the neck is quite a bit thinner and flatter. it would be more appropriate to compare the ESP to a super-strat than to a les paul. I do think the ESP is probably as good an instrument (I used a gibson lp standard for a couple gigs) as the gibsons, but its not really a fair comparison.

play them and you'll understand what I mean
So, do you think the ESp's would be more suitable to metal and the gibson's to more classic rock?