Title explains it all, I want a mediocre to good guitar for a hundred bucks. Anyone know of a used guitar for around that price, or have one to sell. Would be great if it had humbuckers and maybe a mahogany body.
doubt itll happen. maybe get a very low range ibanez gio or a squier but nothing good
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All we really have to go on is your local classifieds.
Although you failed to mention where you are from.
Look there, and look for a while. Any ads up for an extended time may take lower offers.
Good luck.
heres what you do get a dean vendetta XMT replace the bridge pick up with a pickup you like
you can pick up the guitar for like 70 bucks and upgrade it for like 50 and thats like 130$
You won't get anything worth it buying new.
You can strike gold in pawn shops if you're lucky.
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How to get a good 100 dollar guitar.
Cro-bar. 20 bucks.
get away driver. 50 bucks
2 grams of sticky and blunts. 30 bucks
Robbing the evil empire known has guitar center for a good guitar at the cost of 100 bucks.
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Yamaha pacifica 112 is probs the best you'll get for 100 bucks used.

pretty much the only guitar i would buy under $100, if you can double it you can get a used fender MIM for about $200.
I'd just keep searching Craigslist, Guitar Center, and whatever else has guitars near you, something should turn up. I managed to get a Bronze series B.C. Rich Warlock with a hard case for $60 a few days ago on Craigslist, and while it certainly isn't amazing, it's not a bad guitar.

Rondo is another option, I've heard tons of good stuff about them, although I don't like the idea of buying a guitar without getting to play it first.
If you already own a guitar of any kind and knows how to play i would definately recommend that you get a better one from the start.

An electric guitar for 100$ won't last long anyways as you will probably throw the thing out the window the first time you plug it into an amp...
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Get a bass from gear4music
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I bought a ''new'' Yamaha Pacifica 112v from someone who didn't play guitar. The price was 130 euro shipped. The neck is fast, the finish is great and it doesn't look like a cheap guitar by any means. If you upgrade tuners and pick ups (the two single coils are really nice but the humbucker is rather muddy and mediocre) you can turn it into something great.
Another little con is the position of the jack input which can be a bit uncomfortable when you're playing sitting down. Pick ups can also be ''blend'' together in 2 different positions (neck+middle, middle+bridge) but the sound is meh (same thing for the coil tap feature of the humbucker).
I picked up a Fender Starcaster S-1 model for $50 when I was still in Michigan. Great deal and a pretty nice guitar. Stay away from the Stars that come from the combo packs. Look for the original "arrowhead" headstock design...

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I found a Dean Hollywood Z, from when they were Baby Z sized for $100. Is that a good deal? I dont think it is because basswood is hard to pair with a pickup.
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I found a Dean Hollywood Z, from when they were Baby Z sized for $100. Is that a good deal? I dont think it is because basswood is hard to pair with a pickup.

If you want a bad-quality midget guitar, then it'll be fine. And basswood can be amazing. It's just the cheap stuff (most of it) that sucks.
If you wait long enough, you might be able to lowball someone for an Ibanez RG321.

Other than that, you're not going to get a good guitar for $100. You get what you pay for.
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Look around for used Squiers. I would say avoid ibanez Gio's unless its a GAX 30 or GAX 70 which seem to be the only good gios. or get something off of the first page here. http://www.rondomusic.com/electricguitar.html

I highly suggest this. Its a $100 before shipping cost. http://www.rondomusic.com/spadblack.html
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You can find tons and tons of guitars for under $100. Defining what "good" means is a totally different thing though. Everything on that link in the $100 range will get you something that you can play for quite some time -- and still be able to sell for $75, which you can apply toward your next guitar when the time comes...

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Both of those are examples from my local CL, and are <150 USD....Not great guitars by anyones standards, but they are just about the best you can expect for that low..

Moral of the story: save some more money, get a decent guitar.
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OK, so I got a little more cash and found an Epiphone Wilshire Pro for pretty cheap, so should I get it? I like the idea of coil taps.
I found a cheap Epiphone Wilshire Pro, will it be able to house a Sustainiac Stealth pro?
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I found a cheap Epiphone Wilshire Pro, will it be able to house a Sustainiac Stealth pro?

As long as you dont get the mini bucker wilshire you'll be fine.
Lots of decent $100 guitars on Ebay if you shop smart.
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As long as you dont get the mini bucker wilshire you'll be fine.

Well, the Wilshire was sold and i heard some of the neck joints on them are unstable. However i got an Epiphone G400 for $175. From the looks of it it has just been sitting around ftomorrow the day it was bought, no dings or scratches, and it is only a year old! Well I'll tool around with it and see how well it plays, but so far it has been amazing. It sounds pretty close to a Gibson SG, except something seems off about the neck pickup.