wow, i really liked it, loved the textures during the break and the harmonies were just great. reminded me a bit of a strokes, which i like like like. i think it has a lot of potential and would love to hear vocals :}

could you crit mine? (one or the other, or both if you want to be generous )
As I listen:
at 1:00 minute it is so awesome weird, but comes back in so smoothly. Vocals could definitely find a spot in this for sure.
I enjoyed that, also glad to see a fellow Garageband user! I too loved the break in the middle, to me it had that sonic youth thing going on.

C4C? I created this track in Garageband, an Acoustic Finger Style Part still needs to be recorded, I created the track just as a simple beat to record it but i started adding all kinds of other stuff and got carried away lol.