I have a Yamaha RGX 121Z with a Fender-style tremolo, and I would like to adjust its height, to get a more "Floyd Rose" whammy-style, as I´ve seen on this video www.youtube.com/watch?v=mM8-StHlnJw

I am not sure if doing this will increase the probability of going out of tune, or even damaging the tremolo system itself. Can you help me?
There should be a plate in the back, I believe you just loosen the screws nearest to the bridge, and it should loosen it up. I wouldn't mess with it if you care about your guitar. Practice on a cheaper guitar, or find a professional.
If you want a floyd rose whammy style, buy a floyd rose or Edge trem.
Without locking tuning it will just detune. They were built for wobbles.

This guide just allows you to vibrate in both directions.
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