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It's pretty nice, kinda reminds me of a sad tune, but with a kinda "light at the end of the tunnel" feeling to it. Keep it up!
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It's pretty nice, kinda reminds me of a sad tune, but with a kinda "light at the end of the tunnel" feeling to it. Keep it up!

i agree with this. solo was pretty good. took the song somewhere i didnt think it was going to go. tapping part was pretty cool too. probably could have made it longer though. i thought it was a little short
This is great. The lead and rhythm playing compliment each other very nicely. The images are also very nice. They help define the song's mood, which is nice to see. There's not much else to say besides this is great! Thanks for looking at mine
Like the intro, nice and calm, a bit melancholic. Excellent guitar tone. Good choice of images to go with it. Clean lead part is very good too, not too many notes, fits in perfectly. The distortion lead is cool too, nice playing skills. Like someone said, perhaps it could be longer. Although could see it working well as outro track for an album. I really like this track a lot, very nice work!
i wanted you to let the electric notes just bleed out, let them ring, and sing. but this was pretty brutal, i enjoyed it, very nice
Nice playing, good melody and chord progression, the solo sounded like something santana would play, good job, nice tapping part aswell. As a whole its quite repetitive, you should experiment with a key change or different chord progression and also expand on the song.
I liked the first half of the song better than the second part with the distorted guitar. I think it sounded too harsh and bright. Good playing though and the clean guitar is beautiful
Nice chord progression aswell!
I'm really liking this, has a very 80's vibe, especially when that lead guitar came in, classic 80's hair metal tone. The distorted guitars may be a little harsh, but that's ok, they are very punchy and clear.

I love the song, keep it up. Thanks for the crit btw
oh, very nice. Was not expecting it to pick up with the electric but yeah good progression. The only bit of advice would be the beging clean tone guitar just turn down the, what is it reverb?, just a smidge, little bit, but thats it. Good Work!
This was really sweet! Very soothing and cool My favorite part was the clean solos and when their where two distorted guitars at the end!

It also wasn´t too long like some instrumentals are and they can get boring if they are and doesn´t so much, but this was perfect lenght for this piece.

It builded up nicely to the massive distortion duallicks at the end!

Good job man! Looking forward of hearing more from you

Oh nice chordprogression btw!
great chord progression, unique take pretty common chords, i like it.
i like the note selection on the clean lead
when everything comes in with the overdriven lead it sounds awesome.
i think i heard a sweep or two in there that wasn't very clean, but i'm not one to judge i can't do it at all haha

overall i really like this, its a great maggot brain type of song.

thanks for your crit
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I'm loving the chords being used in this and how you broke the chords down.
A very well composed track this is I must say the least.
As far as production goes, take out those "sub Bass" frequencies around 40-50ish hz.
Some slight compression on the leads will help so that way it isnt too over bearing in the mix.
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Real nice piece man. The guitar tones sound great, solo was good. I especially liked it when you had the tapping going on in the background as well at like 2:14. My only complaint is that I thought it was a lazy outro. If you just had like an extra 30 seconds or so of new material in the same feel to act as an outro that'd be great, and just let a note ring out as the outro. Well that's just me to be honest, it's fine as it is but I'd just like it to go on a bit that's all.
so sorry i havent been able to critique your song until now, i thought my thread had died haha,well anyways

first thing this reminded me of was a game called tales of symphonia mixed with metallicas fade to black. I really enjoy the chord progression although I feel the first chord you arpegiate is a bit too happy for the rest of the song.

as for the solo work I really enjoyed your tone first of all, fits perfectly for the song, and I really enjoyed how much you emulate a kind of gary moore type solo, whos one of my fav guitarists of all time. didnt really like the tapping, at first the tapping didnt sit well with me, but the more i listened to it the more i enjoyed it, guess it grows on you.

all in all very nice song, the mix was really good as well but I wish it was longer!
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Wow man, beautiful little tune and nice soloing. The clean tone is splendid, and you can seriously shred, that run at 2:07 right before all the tapping kicks ass! I subscribed to your youtube channel.
Nice and chill composition! I really like the tone you have here, and the playing is great. Just a really mellow tune to relax to. Good work with the pictures too, they really fit the music. It was a little short, but I don't have anything bad to say here. Keep up the awesome work!
I really liked that lead guitar! The whole song sounded really good.
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Notes need a bit more vibrato. A little too shallow for my taste. Clean tone was really good. Distorted wasn't bad. I'm kind of tired of that tapping pattern, but it worked for the song.
Thank you for checking out my song.! This was a stunning piece.
I love how it starts so simply...then when that second guitar comes in and mixes so
beautifully. And when the distortion kicked in I thought I was going to faint at how awesome it sounded.

I would not change a thing about this.
Amazing work.
Thanks for your crit, man. The clean intro and stuff building to the solo was great. The solo sounded very much Satch to me, aside from complexity. In my opinion, the solo tone came directly from "Sanitarium" by Metallica. Peaceful, yet intense. I like it, keep it up!
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