i dont know how to classify this song, it's really creepy. it's just an idea for now, i have added some textures via garage band, and all the recording is done via garage band. very very rough. i would appreciate any feedback. thank you
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The instrumentation is interesting. I really like that celesta/bell instrument playing over.
Couple of things i've noticed,
the voice is really low. I can barely make of the lyrics. And the whole song is really bass-heavy (at least on my speakers) which makes it hard to listen when i turn up the volume to try and hear the voice better.

With a better recording, this could definitely become something really good.

c4c ?
hm so im actually going to disagree and say its not creepy. ok, it is a little but it i actually find the music to be a bit jaunty. the vocals do make it creepy and now that im past 1:40 its getting a bit creepier. if youre worried about the vocals being discernible then you have yourself a problem because theyre not at all. i have a feeling thats not what you were going for though. the mumbliness (making up words) is what gives it that creepy vibe. im trying to picture where this song would appear in the soundtrack of life and to me. im thinking maybe a crazed/psychopathic kid gathering up all of his toys and taking them hastily to go play by himself, rocking back in forth but in an otherwise picturesque atmosphere with bright sun and harmony. maybe im the nuts one but after 2 listens thats the vibe im taking out of it. i really like it though, out of the ordinary and original for sure. what did you use besides the guitar in this?

Starts out with a special feel, like the instrumentation,
dont like the vocals as much, mainly because they're too silent and a little off key.
it's got a unique vibe, that's for sure.
At 1:35 there's a sound that swells up and kind of takes over the entire track,
I like parts of it but i miss a bit of structure, not that it has to be A/B/A or something but it feels like one long part.

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