Hey guys, just got my new cab from Whitebox. Pic quality isn't the greatest, took them with my iPhone.


It's a 2x12 closed back with V30s. Sounds pretty good. Yes, I know I have it standing on it's side, I need to move some stuff around for it to fit in the room, but didn't wanna wait to check it out. Speakers need to be broken in, but other than that, I have no complaints. Doug and the guys at Whitebox do nice stuff at good prices, I'd check them out.
^ +1

tnx for that


I hear they are great cabs. Lot of people run their 212 cabs upright like that for more projection. Actually looks better that way anyway with mini heads. Clips would great too after speaker breakage inage
Bitchin. I really want to get a White Whitebox myself, but I've already got too many cabs as is
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congrats! clips would be great.
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very nice, i haven't tried them, but they're meant to be good value cabs
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