Im shopping for a new amp and me and my buddies jam alot and record. Right now im playing through a fender bassman with a distortion pedal cause it was the economical choice at the time. But now i wanna upgrade to another amp. I just want it to be somthing that i can get a good crunchy hard rock tone too but doesnt blend in with the marshall cause right now we have a good tonal contrast.it doesnt clash but you can tell theres 2 distinct parts that mix well. I play with a gibson 50s tribute with P90s and 66 fender mustang... go.
What's your budget? I play hard rock/older-school metal, and after tedious amounts of searching for a good valve amp(having played through a Vox, 2 Rolands, 7 Marshalls, 2 Oranges, 3 Traynors, 2 Hughes and Kettners, 4 Peaveys, a Line6, 2 Randalls, 2 Jet Citys and 3 Fenders on this quest), I'd have to say the nicest for the buck of the ones I tried for raw, unboosted, balls-out crunch would be the Jet City amps.

I've got a JCA100 head on the way now for Christmas, it's a basic 6L6-powered, 2-channel valve amp, but for the $600(I assume Canadian, this is off Musician's Friend) the 50-watt JCA head costs, it can pump out some damage, MUCH nicer than the Marshalls I tried at the same price-point(a $800 MA head of some sort and an MG100DFX or something, I'm going to be blunt and just say they were among the worst amps I've ever heard, and the MG prolly took the cake).

The Traynor Custom Special 50 was also very nice, $800 Canadian for the 50-watt head and that killed too, plenty of knobs and switches so I'm sure you could get what you want out of it, although I liked the Jet City's clean tone a little more so I went with that.

Now, if there's no budget, like, you can go get what you want, the Marshal JCM2000 TSL100 I tried was very nice too, but that was going for $1600 CDN used at my local Long And McQuade, so Iunno about that one, it wasn't dramatically nicer than the Traynor or JCA.

Regardless, happy amp hunting! Your tones won't be too similar unless you use the exact same rigs anyways!
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depending on your budget you've got tonnes of choices... if you want a more marshall like sound, but slightly different, check out stuff like a Splawn Quickrod ($1900), Orange TH 100 ($1500)- or a dual terror if your budget is lower, Blackstar series one 104el34 ($2000), or an Egnater Renegade ($800). if you want a totally different sound than a Marshall, you have more options than are really worth listing without getting more info from you
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my budget is about 1500.
im looking for somthing tube.

do you have a cab?

do you prefer a cruchy tone, or a saturated one?

What about cleans? do you channel switch or are you more of a one tone guitarist?

the more info the better here. there are hundreds of amps for $1500 or so