I have the opportunity to buy either of these amps. Which one would you recommend?
I got the 6505 about a month ago and it's a great amp.

i dono about the 500..
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6505, /thread

The Fender Metalhead is AWFUL.
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One last question. Can I buy the 6505+ and plug it into my Line 6 Spider III's speakers, while I save up for the cab?
How do you plan on doing that? I was certain the spider III had the speaker wired to the amp's head?
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A "tubescreamer" is a person paid by a guitarist to stand behind the amp and scream at the tubes. This terrifies the tubes into overdriving and delivers a thick, harmonic-rich tone.
At the back it says...

Speaker Outputs - Class 2 Wiring & Has 2 Input Jacks

One says "Right 8 Ohms", and "Left 8 Ohms"?
You could go buy a cord from radio shack that is a 1/4 inch plug on one end and whatever on the other end. Then cut off the whatever end ( mine was a RCA plus to 1/4 inch speaker plug)of the plug and strip the two wires. Wire them to the speaker inside the line 6 AFTER you unplug the stock speaker wires.Make sure you plug into the correct input , 8ohm,16ohm ,whatever the speaker says it is. I have my Vypyr 30 hooked up to my 2x12 Mesa Rec Cabinet like this (actually just the opposite) and it works and sounds great!It's very simple, but you won't be able to turn it up really loud or you'll blow the speaker with a 6505 easily! Also, it won't sound as good as a good quality speaker will in a closed back cabinet. But, it will get you by.
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At the back it says...

Speaker Outputs - Class 2 Wiring & Has 2 Input Jacks

One says "Right 8 Ohms", and "Left 8 Ohms"?

It is a stereo amp, and I don't think it is tube...

but seriously, if it doesn't have mono option then just sell it and focus your money and decisions on something that will work. We've all been there done that bro.