I really do not use Hammer-On's or pull-off's much so forgive me, but on a tab i am trying to learn it has 8p0 12p0 7po, am i playing the note than pulling off of it or just pulling off at that place on the fretboard?
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With a pull off, you literally pull your finger off the string.

for example, 8p0 means to play that 8th fret note, then quickly release it.
8p0 = fret the 8 and play it, then pull your finger off in a way that plucks the string so that the 0 rings out.

Don't just lift your finger off the string it'll sound weak and accidental.
ya with that you wana pluck the first note and kinda pull it down and release to let it ring the open out. if you just lift your finger off you wont get much sound. but thats why its a pull of and not a lift off lol
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