i want to convert a left handed strat to right handed. Is it safe to assume that all i need to do is punch out the nut and flip it then re intonate it for right handed? or do i need to flip pickups or anything like that?
You might need to actually swap the nut, depending on the nut itself.

See how that nut slants? That would throw off the intonation if you just flipped it.
Although looking at Strat nuts you might be fine. It's at least worth a try.
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It worked for Steve Miller:

But yes, you would have to swap the nut for a right-handed nut.
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I have one like that. The knobs will drive you nuts.

the knobs sometimes drive me nuts on the right hand side, they kinda get in the way of palm muting here and there. Usually only when i get truly carried away tho. I've decided against it, it was more of an impulse purchase and i've decided instead to maybe just go for a right handed tele or save up for a gibson lp silverburst. I've got a pewterburst strat as my main guitar and a silverburst lp would loop awesome next to it.