I've been looking for a new guitar to replace my Squire recently and I was hoping you could give your input. I'm leaning towards a $600 used Gibson Les Paul Doublecut Studio, but other options include a used tele (around $600) and an over-budget Taylor sb x1 (I don't want to spend over 800 and it's $1300). Also there is a Les Paul copy called a Vintage v100 but I want to stay away from copies.

I'm thinking I'll get the LP Doublecut because I've been wanting a richer, meatier tone which obviously is not what the tele is for, but the Fender neck is easier to play fast on and the body looks better.

BTW the Gibson is SG color and the fender is finished to show the wood grain.

EDIT: after reading the new guitar noob thread, i'd like to add some info

I like Duane Allman, Jimmy Page, Hendrix, but also jazz. Most of the jazz I listen to is acoustic (sax/trumpet/piano) but I'm learning guitar arrangements of Jaco Pastorious-the Chicken, a rock version of Freddie Freeloader, A Go Go, and Watermelon Man.
I'm in upstate New York and this will go through a Fender Blues Junior.
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the gibson lp doublecuts are great guitars.

+1 i try to pick one up around here at a good price, but everytime i see one it is like a matter of days after i just bought a guitar, and dont have enough cash.
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the LP double cut is my bet. I love my tele to death, but I would not pick it if I could only have one or two guitars. The LP double cut is really a great value instrument, and they are an absolute breeze to play if they are set-up well
some of them are great guitars and an excellent value.

but the resale value on them is crap, which is why you are looking at one for $600.

it's really good for what you want to play. use the neck pup for hendrix or just roll the tone knob back a little bit.

check it out. look for a repaired headstock/neck issue. if broken and repaired well, the value drops but the guitar is basically fine if you want to just play the thing. if broken and repaired poorly, pass on it.
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