like all of you, i love to play my favorite type of music! however, ive come to a point where i either cant find, or dont know of any challenging songs form this category.. anyone know of any hard 90's grunge or alternative THANK U!!!!!
Depends on what kind of challenge you are looking for. I know that songs like Interstate Love Song by STP has some pretty insane chords. Guitar took kind of a backseat in the 90's. Not much on the lead front.
Anything with Mike McCready on lead would be pretty challenging for me. Look at Pearl Jam/Temple of the Dog.
Just looking at my CDs from back then. They may not be more difficult, but might be something you haven't looked into. I'm assuming you know the major ones like Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins

Afghan Whigs
Mother Love Bone
Green River
Sonic Youth
Screaming Trees
Veruca Salt

They might be a little on the harder side, but don't forget about Alice in Chains and Filter (kind of on the edge of industrial but never really put them in same class as like Skinny Puppy or the like).

Or you can float towards the industrial side with some early NIN and Machines of Loving Grace.

Edit: Oh, forgot about Weezer. I learned half dozen of their songs back then and there is some fun stuff going on in their tracks.
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