OK just looking for some suggestions for my pedal board setup. I have a few goals to accomplish with the gear I have, but want some feed back first before I move everything around.

I want to first start by stating that I'm using a Peavey VK100 2 channel head on a Marshall 1960b 4x12. Definitely a budget amp, but it's doing the job right now and it's all I can afford.

I'm using the distortion off 1 of the channels on my amp and NOT a pedal. The second channel (clean) is solely clean only. I will not be using a distortion/fuzz pedal at all on this channel

My Goal/Results I'm looking for.....
Keep the current sound I have, but move some pedals into the FX Loop to clean up the muddiness. I want to place some of my pedals in front of the amp to create/adjust my sound I currently have. My Current playing style is based around my distortion/clean channels and I use the pedals for added effects here and there in songs. My effects pedals will not be creating my sound except a few pedals only to fatten up the sound a little because I'm the only guitarist.

My Pedals
Furman SPB-8 Pedal Board (actually a really nice board, but has the worst case)

Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner
Dunlop Crybaby 535q Wah
Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer
ISP Decimator (Noise Gate)
MXR M-132 Super Comp (Compressor)
Boss CH-1 Chorus
Boss TR-2 Tremelo
Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
Boss GE-7 Equalizer
MXR Phase 90
Modtone Stutter Kill

I want to use the Tube Screamer to FATTEN up the sound a bit to make it sound a bit fuller when i'm on the distortion channel on my amp. I'm wanting to use the ISP Decimator to fight the feed back when the Tube Screamer is on. I think the ISP Decimator will always be on at this point. I already know the Tuner, Wah, Tube Screamer will run in front of the amp in that order, but here comes the tricky stuff. I know everyone is thinking well there's no wrong way only a guideline of what is common for a polished sound. Just give me a suggestion for what i'm trying to achieve and I'll try it out.

Remember I'm using my amp for distortion, Tube screamer for fatter sound, and Noise Gate to fight the feedback. I've heard people placing the Noise Gate before and/or in the FX loop along with the Equalizer before and/or in the FX Loop as well. I use the Equalizer overall on both channels to have control over 7 bands instead of just 3 so I can tweak it between songs depending on the venue. I already know the Chorus, Tremelo, Phaser, and Digital Delay will be running in the FX loop and I want to put the ModTone Stutter Kill somewhere where it stop the sound completely for all pedals. For instance If I engage the pedal I want complete silence and I don't want to hear the whooshing sound from the Phase or echoing of the digital delay.

OK so please give me some feedback on a suggested layout for my pedal board with the gear I provided. I'm looking for a layout of what I should run before the amp and what's in the fx loop. Sorry for the wall-o-text, but more detail is better than none.

Lastly a BIG THANKS to everyone who comments.
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Tuner - Wah - Comp - Tube Screamer - EQ - AMP (send) - Phase - Chorus - Trem - Delay - Kill - (return) is where i would start.

You will need to play around with the location of the gate, I would do either right before the amp input or right after the loop send. I would try the latter first. I dont like gates after modulation effects, especially delay, as it can chop off echo repeats and such.

So far as the order of the pedals in your loop, it doesnt really matter so much, I like delay near the end of the chain, but a phaser after a delay can have some cool sounds in combination. One thing to consider would be whether or not you use any to pedals in combination and turn on or off at the same time, where it would be convenient to have them next to each other.

Good luck. Have fun but don't make yourself crazy over it. Been there.
Thanks man i tried that setup out and it sounds great. I tried the decimator right after the tube screamer too.