I've made the decision (not final) to buy a Rockerverb 50 in about 4-5 months when the cash is available, I've played it once or twice at my local studio and the thing sounds amazing distorted.

Now my dumbass hasn't checked out the versatility on this thing and have only played metal-type stuff on it, which in my own opinion sounds amazing. I just wanted to ask everyone on the forum if that amp is as versatile as they say and can really pull off every genre, cause I like to play a little of everything. A general opinion by an owner of the amp or just an amp expert in general on here would be nice too. Thanks in advance
The other guitarist in my band plays one and they're pretty great. They'll do a good approximation of most things, but it really takes to effects well, so even if you're not happy with its own tone for Metal or whatever you can make it sound how you want it to sound with the right pedal.

Overall though, I'd say yes its a versatile amp.
I wasn't too impressed with the original RV50 with the EL-84 power section for metal, like you said you're playing. The MKII is a significant improvement IMO, but it still doesn't quite match the aggressiveness of the RV100 MKI. Personally, if metal was my main interest, there are other amps I'd be looking at, unless you can find an older RV100 at a good price.

As far as versatility goes, those amps were made for practically everything. Great cleans, great crunch, great high gain.
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That's funny you prefer an RV100, you sure you just don't prefer the extra volume? :P I played an RVMK1 and it sounded great so to each his own. My inner tone nazi has yet to be birthed so maybe that's the reason for it.

I had a Randall RM100 in mind as well, but my fear in that is that it might only be a one trick pony of an amp. I'm more of an all around player who will be gigging and mostly playing metal, some KSE, 5FDP, Hatebreed, All That Remains type stuff with some original stuff as well. I haven't done much research on it though (my studio doesn't have it available and most videos on Youtube just demo the modules at high gain), so I could be wrong.