So, I just got back from guitar center. I went to restring my cordoba c7 and have them check a small dent. The repair guy steamed the dent out and kind of fixed it, but then he began sanding it. He soon said oops, and apologized for sanding to much. Apparently the guitar had a thin finish. He polished it heavily and got the guitar to look like it's original color, but there is still one spot that Is lighter than the rest.

I am just wondering if there is anything to make my guitar's color balanced once again. Like would polish work, or would I have to get it refinished
Happened to be as well sorta. I have a cheap B.C. rich so I don't mind and it's a guitar (I play bass %98 of the time). But yeah I did my own manual shitty repair. I put black electric tape over the showing wood. (B.C. rich paint/finish chips away VERY easily ¬.¬. Yeah that doesn't answer your question this does:

If you want it all new and lovely looking get it refinished if you want to cover it up with polish so you only see it really up close then go ahead and do that. (my black tape job on my B.C. Rich is actually hardly noticable :p). Obviously polishing it will be cheaper so I suggest polishing it first, if it doesn't work out get rid of most of the polish (CAREFULLY) then send it to be refinished
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Cool. I appreciate it. I'm just happy I don't have to get it refinish. I was looking up prices, and I would rather buy a new cordoba then get it redone. Thanks though.
Sounds very much like GC needs to step up and provide recompense or replacement!
"Ooops" don't cut it; regardless of instrument's age or condition.