Im looking for a tuneomatic style guitar with good pickups and a decent size, so far the specs on the dean seem the best to me, im looking to spend anywhere from 200-300 dollars. and if anybody has played one could they leave a review im having a hard time finding any info on them, thanks ALSO: i play mostly metal, and am using a peavey amp and a digitech for now, the sound is good for practice but not giggable by any means. My current guitar is a schecter sunset floyd rose deluxe, but i absolutely hate the floyd rose being that i cant change my tunings when desired.
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I've played it in my local guitar store, because I'm a big fan of the Amotts. It was pretty good for metal, quite comfortable.
Gotta mention though, I just found out there's atleast 2 different versions: a +- €300 series and a +- €1000 series, I played the 1000 ( Dean Tyrant Bloodstorm ).
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Micheall Amott not Micheal Angelo , you should defintly buy it if you like , i got the Bloodstorm Tyrant and i absolutely love it , wouldnt trade it away for anything
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