Good and bad changes the internet has had on people since its emergence

It's pretty obvious that the internet is pretty huge in terms of influential technology. The last 50-100 years in particular have been probably the most rapid growth in technology the world has ever seen.

What are some good and bad effects you think the internet has had on people and how they live their lives?

I think a good is that people can see differing ideas, opinions and views much easier. I really think I'd be a much different, more ignorant person than I am now. I mean, I'm not saying the internet has turned me into a total intellectual, but I feel like I'd be a lot more ignorant if I never had the internet.

I think the internet has has some bad effects on people socially. I don't use facebook anymore, but I've noticed some people (especially girls) feel a lot of social pressure on facebook. I mean, at any moment the hundreds of people you're friends with can check up to see what's going on in your life through facebook, and with things like relationship status', location status updates, etc. people feel a pressure to go out and behave a certain way to validate themselves to others. I see people taking like 50 photos a night of the most meaningless events like getting drunk in someone's dorm, or people having status updates with the location thing like "Sarah is at Taco Bell with John and Leslie."

But of course that doesn't apply to all people. Plenty of people use facebook like a normal secure person, but I think a lot of people feel that pressure. I know I felt it a little bit. And when I just look through people's profiles, it seems like girls feel it a lot more than guys do.

But another good thing the internet has provided: Fapping to a magazine seems like a caveman concept nowadays.
A huge negative is all of the trolls created.
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good: brings about an openness to world events, different kinds of music, sense of fellowship some might be hard-pressed to find in real life\

bad: youtube comment frenzy
Contribution to laziness. I've also heard people who say that internet has negative effects on attention span.
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Scientists actually discovered that the Internet effects memory. Like instead of remembering things, people remember where they can findbthe information they need. Doctors are starting to do this especially, rather than memorizing every disease ever they just google the symptoms (which is is slightly offputting, at least for me).

But personally I love the Internet.
Also why I agree with your statemnt that the internet gives people more pressure to be a certain way, I actually found facebook to be really helpful in starting friendships with people (especially girls) because I am not great at breaking the ice in person (I get nervous and I start to stutter bad, which makes me look retarded even though normally I don't stutter)
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good: brings about an openness to world events, different kinds of music, sense of fellowship some might be hard-pressed to find in real life\

bad: youtube comment frenzy
People who were going to be well-educated and informed can become better educated and better informed more easily.

People who wouldn't have been well-informed under any circumstance can now yell their opinions at you.
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Wikipedia. FTW.

Good: Who knew turtles really do live in trees!!

Bad: Who knew Canadiens really do drink milk out of bags.
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Musicians can operate outside the major label aspect of the music business a lot more easily.

But we're all becoming trolls and cynical assholes as well
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Eh, positive changes are that we have a near unlimited resource of all sorts of information, and many websites to entertain ourselves on, as well as porn.

Negative... laziness.
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Good: Easier access to more information
Bad: God only knows if it's accurate. That's the same for many print sources, so meh.