I want a real quality wireless unit for a good price. Needs to work, last, and have good reach and clarity. Some of the venues my band plays are things like Starland Ballroom in Sayerville nj and the Main stage of Croc Rock in Allentown Pa. We also play larger staged type areas like festivals and such over summer and such. I'm honestly sick of running over cables and almost falling while entertaining so I think I need this. The thing is I wanna spend as little as possible on it, even though I know i need to spend a decent amount to get a quality one. I was hoping for something that would be around $200 USED. I have no problem buying off ebay and such if it works well so that's why I included that information.
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i don't have wireless, and haven't messed around with it a whole lot, but you do lose some tone. more than running cable(s). i tried a fellow band mates wireless unit on my rig and it was terrible, as far as tone loss goes. his was probably cheap, but i don't know.

but i would imagine this would be one of those things you dont want to cheap out on.

i am sure there is good wireless out there that would probably be unnoticeable, and probably not very cheap.
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The Line 6 ones are the best for the price. Not much noticeable tone loss. Pretty much any other cheap wireless system is a piece of shit though.
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The new digital wireless systems like the brace and g30 can be found for under $200 used.

The old, analog RF systems compressed and sucked tone, but the digital wireless is a near perfect reproduction of sound, so it will be brighter than your usual cable. I use a g50 and am VERY happy with it.
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