Alright so the plan is to make a strat. I want the tones of Andy Timmons, Richie Sambora, Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani, and Neal Schon.

I figured out their pickups and woodsand it seems that a Basswood Body and Maple Neck with Rosewood Fretboard would be best to use and then have 1 Master Volume Knob, 1 Bass Bleed Tone Knob, and one Treble Bleed Tone Knob so that I can try to get as bright as Alder/Maple and as dark as Mahogany.

I've found that the best pickups to use would be a Dimarzio AT-1, Dimarzio Paf Pro, and Dimarzio Fast Track 2, so I'd want H-S-H.

Now the real problem is it would have to go AT-1 Bridge/Fast Track 2 Middle/Paf Pro Neck, but then the following outputs would be 320mv/321mv/300mv. Is it possible to do this as long as I compensate by adjusting pickup heights? Or does it have to do with the actual wiring?

I was also wondering if it would be possible to get a 3-way switch that would have the functions of Selected Position/Killswitch/Blow Switch and a 2-way switch/push-pull pot that can do series/parallel?

It is going to be a 5-way pickup switch btw.

And what kind of farads would be best for my tone knobs?

And could someone figure out a wiring diagram for all of this?

I know this seems like a lot and if anyone is down to help any pieces of this dilemma please reply.
willing to bet you won't find basswood for the bodies that is anywhere near as good as the wood used by Ibby's prestige range, especially not in a decent price range.
Honestly, I think you would be better off with alder or ash, alder is closer to basswood though.

EDIT: while I'm here I'll be helpful and answer a few of your questions. Wiring go to the wiring thread, you'll get more help. As for the outputs they all seem pretty good and close, you will want to adjust pickup heights to taste anyway as some pickups sound better at different heights, and I doubt with 20mv difference you will notice a volume drop between one position or the other. Tone control I would as standard go with 0.0047uF I use it on everything, although you will keep more high end if you use a 0.0022uF.
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