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What are those little things in a guitar that make your knees go wobbly?
Post a pic if you can and share the joy

These are some of mine:

- That finish is damn glorious, as well as the pure aesthetics of the pickups (although i confess there's something even more engaging about the little EMG symbol on a humbucker like that)

(Invalid img)

- Sharkfin Inlays

- Bird Inlays

- An Ibanez style pointy headstock

- White body + headstock + black hardware.

- The pure aura of a good PRS

Well, I'm sure there's more, but for now...bring the guitar p0rn!!!
your pic doesnt work
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A great finish, dot inlays, natural finish, fender strat headstock, emg style covered pickup, p90s, Ken Lawrence explorer.. Floyd rose.
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Fender 70's headstock, satin finished maple necks, humbucker sized P90s, relics, plain maple tops, EMG-style plastic pickup covers (thinking of getting those for my guitar, just to f*** with people's minds ).
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mahogany body, mahogany neck, flamed maple top, ebony fretboard, 24/75 scale. gold hardware.
the SG shape
one piece mahogany bodies
bigsby trems
ebony fingerboards
worn and faded nitro finishes
nickel hardware that has lost it's shine.. for some reason.

basically my gibson SG
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Jackson Rhoad headstock, Ebony fretboard, Quilted maple finish, EMG pickup covers, black hardware on a white guitar.
- - - - - - - - - - -
Maple neck with a bright maple fretboard. Ah yes, maybe a nice bright natural finish on a maple or alder body as well.
I just really like maple.
Music Man guitars and basses

Pretty much all of 'em, 'cept for maybe the Luke and the Bongo. But otherwise:


/] 三方 [\
String through body
Les Paul, Tele, Strat styles
MOP inlays *not picky about the shapes as long as there not microscopic*
MOP Inlay on the headstock
H-H pickup configuration
White with black hardware.
Black Binding

Guitars like that are what I dream of.
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Guitars only turn me on if they're plugged into racks.
Infact i would like a wangcaster to plug into a rack.
Quote by RetroGunslinger
your pic doesnt work

It did a few hours ago. Oh well...

That sort of burnished semi-reflective gloss in the finish on nice Les Pauls and 335s...
Filter'Trons (Legit ones, not the silly humbucker-size knockoffs)...
Maestro Vibrolas...

Gibson ES-137C
Parker P8EN
AC Custom Special P Bass
7 strings
Offset dots/blocks
carved tops
Binding (tasteful binding, mind you)
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You CAN play anything with anything....but some guitars sound right for some things, and not for others. Single coils sound retarded for metal, though those who are apeshit about harpsichord probably beg to differ.
red black fade finishes or that redy bugandy color and the prs headstock
Quote by mrRICHARD911
mahogany body, mahogany neck, flamed maple top, ebony fretboard, 24/75 scale. gold hardware.

I guess you aren't going under E std.

Black superstrat w/ EMGs, thin neck, black hardware, 25,5 scale, fixed bridge, white bindings, reversed headstock = win

Well I would do fine with an Ibanez RGR321EX w/ EMGs.
Any Fender Telecaster that is sunburst has white binding and a rosewood fretboard like this:

Also, any Fender Stratocaster that is Fiesta Red and has rosewood fretboard.

Sadly, Fender doesn't like to produce guitars that either of these anymore it seems.
switches on switches on switches on switches
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big muff
seed of life overdrive

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Yay, another gratuitous pics thread.


brb, need a tissue.
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My guitar's headstock. Mmm, so damn voluptuous.
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JamMan looper delay

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Anything by Daemoness, KxK, or Mayones.

Oh and bright pink Kramers/Charvels.
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You don't need epic tone in the bedroom any more than you need mood lighting to masturbate.

Literally anything and everything about these guitars... they are the epitome of everything I want in a guitar and the most gorgeous instruments I have ever laid eyes on... It is my life goal to own one some day...

As for things I love on a guitar
Natural clearcoated wood finishes
No neck markings
Passive pups
Maple binding
Figured fretboard wood
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Thin necks
Boat necks
Black finishes
Gold Hardware
Swamp ash
Flame Maple
Abalone inlays
Natural neck finish
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Anything that's not that ^^^

Tele haters unite!
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She insists to wear this lights.

I don't think so.

How can I persuade her?
I have a 'thing' for white guitars.
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Quote by JKHC
Anything that's not that ^^^

Tele haters unite!



Any type of inlay that isn't dot.
Limited Graphics
Black Guitar+gold hardware...
natural finishes.
Reverse headstocks
Maple Fretboards on non-fender guitars.
Most Ibanez guitars...
Flying V's...all of them

HH, HSH or HHH pickup long as its wired with a like a 5 or 6 way toggle for the HHH...
Saw this want..only $610 right now, with HSC...

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But theres no reason why i cant be free like a raspberry stuck to the back of a horny elephants ass.

This is maybe the worst comparison in the history of comparisons.
Reverse headstocks. Dear God, reversed headstocks.

I'm also a sucker for relicing.
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