Might be better off in "acoustic"; but seems to be here's the place......

Fender 12 string acoustic (m. CD-140s/12) is pulling the body below the bridge. De-tuned is helping some; but still making it high enuff to raise strings well above decent playable. Not much room to lower the bridge.

Cons? Not enuff tension on the body/bridge to transmit vibes?
Pros? Takes bulge out of body and (hopefull) restores playability

What is the consensus on a trapeze of some sort? May look goofy; but would relieve the body stress.
A major loss of tone/volume? Only prob I can see might be finding a decent looking trap! I guess a search of the 'net is in order and prolly some time out in the shop.

Hey deltaten, your idea is possible and would help the tension issue on the guitars sound board. I assume you know that a bridge would still be necessary to transfer the string vibrations to the sound board, and because the strings would be anchored in the tail piece their pressure would push the bridge down rather then pull it toward the head stock the way all string through designs do. The bulging of the top could be caused by a brace that came loose. If you have the correct tools/ equipment it may be easier to see if that is the problem and re glue it ( it cheaper if you are able to fix it your self then getting the new tail piece). If all the bracing is fine then a bridge and tail piece will work if you can find one for a twelve string. Just make sure there is a good amount of tension on the bridge when the stings are tuned. Good luck and if you can, post pics of the repair process in case others run into the same issues.

Sheesh ! had reply typed and it went off into the cyber-trash
slipknot..... All stays and braces are intact, just bowed. Most traps work with a much higher bridge; hence the wondering if it was do-able. Might look a bit kooky, too

kriss' link was enlightening! For a measley $23 I can sort it out. Elegant engineering solution.Thanx kriss !

I'll post back with results of whatever happens

thanx for the input,