Hey Guys,
So here is whats going on.
I have a Mesa Triple Rectifier and whats happening is that when the foot switch is plugged in, (which is usually is) I try to switch between channels and it gets stuck between the 2nd and 3rd channel and makes the ****ed up buzzing noise. I checked my pre-amp tubes and ending up changing two of them. This kind of solved it. But its still doing it, the problem also doesn't happen when i manually switch it with the channel selecting knob on the rear panel.
Any ideas? I could be my foot switch or the 7-pin cable. As it doesn't happen when i use the manual knob. So leads me to believe the foot switch may be messed up?
any thoughts?

sounds to me like either the footswitch itself is bad or more likely the relay switch inside the amp (not the switch you hit with your finger) is borked. I'm thinking some contact cleaner might help but playing around inside of an amp chassis can be dangerous as you could kill yourself. The footswitch only sends a signal so I doubt that is it but you can always try spraying some contact cleaning into the footswitch part and the 7 pins. The relay internally you may want to check with someone else before tackling that. Also, get you 'borrow' or try someone else's Mesa 7pin footswitch
yah. see i had cleaned it all out and the problem got better, but didnt go away. and it only happens when i use the footswitch. i was thinking it could be the 3rd channel contact in the footswitch however its nearly impossible to clean because the contact mechanism is enclosed in a plastic box. so i cant fix it however buying a new button and having it fixed could be much cheaper than buying a new 129$ footswitch. The problem doesnt happen all the time either. like once i can get a channel to stick it doesnt encounter to problem again. somedays it doesnt do it at all. i just want to fix this before my next tour so i dont get ****ed without a head on the first week.
Sounds like a mechanical issue... Which would most likely be the footswitch I think. Even if I'm wrong its still the best place to start. Find one with a good return policy.
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I would say take it to a tech but that will cost money. And seeing as how BTS has a tour coming up that doesnt seem like a good plan :/ If you guys are coming to belleville let me know bro ill be out for sure
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plug a instrument cable into the external switching jacks on the back of the amp. Then take a piece of wire and short the tip to the sleeve on the loose end. This should switch that channel. Try that on all the channels. If it works without any issue, then the internal switching components are working, and your footswitch is likely bad.
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