So, I'd like to buy a 5-string. I have about 350 euro to do so, and I play rock and metal.
I'm thinking of this and this, but I haven't really looked around that much, and my mind isn't set on getting either.

So, do you have any experience with either, or with another 5-string in the same price range, which you would recommend?


EDIT: Oh, I should have added, I haven't seen either in music shops over here (They might have got one last week, but they have only had the one or two 5-strings for 2 years)
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I think you'll like the Squier VM Jazz V better. And if you want to modify it with new pickups, electronics, bridge, etc., you'll have a much easier time finding them for the VM Jazz.
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Wonderful! Thanks for your input. I'll try to find a VM anything, shouldn't be too hard, and I've played plenty of LTDs, so I know what they feel like.

One question I do have, though, is how does the neck feel on the Squier? I noticed the LTD's neck is much thinner at the nut (more or less the same as on a 4-string), but the Squier has a much wider nut width. I know it comes down to personal preference, but do you think it'll be a problem at all?
No it's non-issue with me but that's me jumping from a Fender to a LTD everyday.
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