ive now decided that im going to put together a guitar of my own specifications, as i cant seem to find a stock guitar out there that has exactly what i want...

oiled hard rock maple neck [strat/kramer style] double trussrod adj at headstock
northern ash body with H-/-H config, and a flushmounted original floyd (strat/kramer/charvel style)

all in all i guess what i want is a mixture between kramer 5150/frankenstrat but with a neckpickup.

ive looked at some sites like musikraft and warmoth. warmoth doesnt seem to have northern hard ash guitar bodies, but musikraft do. i do not dare to put together the parts myself, as im afraid i will get a neck that doesnt fit the body etc.

any help?
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May i ask why you would want northern ash? It is so extremely heavy and hard, and hard to work with. No gain there, if you ask me.

Nice looking grain? Good tone? He's a weightlifter?