I own a La Patrie Etude, which retails for around $310. Handmade in Canada (not China!) solid cedar top, wild cherry back and sides; sounds great.

Yamahas are also supposed to be good entry to mid level CGs.
maplestreetguitars.com Nice selection there if you're looking for intermediate concert guitars for concert hall gigs. I have the 5p and it has a nice warm sonorous tone
I don't know much about brands yet but from what I heard Takamines are indeed good, Alhambra, I've also seen some Admira guitar around (also spanish, don't know much about them though) and from my own experience, Walden (which are made in China but not as in massive-cheap-guitar-production-sweatshop China) and have some very good Classicals around the $650-$1000 price range.

For example, here's the Walden N2010: http://www.waldenguitars.com/N2010.html with Solid Engelmann Spruce top, Solid Indian Rosewood back and sides, Solid Rosewood fingerboard and binding. (I've seen this one going from about $600 to about $1000)

A cheaper alternative would be the N740, which has Solid back (African Mahogany) and top (Sitka Spruce) and this one I've seen going from around $350 to around $700

Obviously, whatever you decide to buy... you should sit down and try them and buy the one that you like most, find most comfortable and obviously, the one with the sound you like most.
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I own a Takamine EAN60C classical. I love it
My guitar teacher has a Yamaha Grand Concert something-or-the-other (I think). It's quite a nice one although he admits my Takamine is better (I bought it from him anyway - gladly
I've come across an Ibanez classical that my dad's one friend had. It was pretty beaten up, but had quite the sound to it despite its condition. This was years ago so I don't remember the model or anything.
I've played on a few Corts and they're pretty solid guys for what you pay for.

Yeah, for a person who primarily practices classical guitars I haven't played on too many
a "USED" taylor 110? u can pick up a used one at guitar center for about 350. Or a seagull s6 rustic?
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a "USED" taylor 110? u can pick up a used one at guitar center for about 350. Or a seagull s6 rustic?

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Alhambra for sure, classical guitars are their own brand, I don't really like the sound of takamines
I've got an Orpheus Valley Kremona Fiesta. Not many people know about this brand, but they're made in bulgaria, and are worth checking out. Great bang for the buck IMO, mine was around 700 bucks, and liked it more than the other classicals that i've played in the price range.