Does anyone have any tips for increasing speed on guitar. I have been working through finger exercises and different drills for the past two months. I have seen a little improvement in speed. I want to be able to play fast but also very accurate at the same time. I feel I could go faster but it would be sloppy. Looking for tips on getting more accurate with speed.
The keys to playin fast are:

Stay relaxed
Use small, economical motions
even pick strokes
strong fretting hand fingers
Picking from the wrist

What you doing should feel effortless, what ever speed it is.

Finally, be patient, as it takes time. Just keep at it, bearing what I listed in mind.

And dont beat yourself up about not being fast. It will come.
In general, speed is down to having economical, relaxed and accurate motions. The more you practice these things the more speed you'll be able to utilise without being sloppy.

If you're focusing on picking then make sure to practice string crossing and skipping exercises/songs as well as standard 3nps leads or 4nps chromatics. This is vital in making sure your picking is consistant and clean over multiple strings, but for some reason this point rarely seems to be made when giving advice on alternate picking.

I'd recommend reading the technique sticky in this forum, watching all of Freepower's videos on correct posture, holding the pick etc... and if you can try to incorporate some of his "exercises of doom" into your daily practicing because I think they're some of the most useful exercises for guitar you can do.
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I really love his point about making it feel easy - it HAS to feel easy or it's going to be inconsistent. I've often found that I play faster and cleaner when I stop, relax and just think "what I'm about to play isn't that difficult, I just have to make sure I stay relaxed". Works every time. I get that he was saying you need to practice stuff enough to the point that it feels easy, but it's also true that the mentality that you're going to find something more difficult actually makes it much harder.
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