Hey all, hopefully this is the right place to post this and I apologize if it isnt. I am wonding if my current setup would allow me to re-amp my guitars? I am using a Lamda Lexicon interface and using Nuendo for my DAW. I know I will need to get a RE-AMP box? Do i also need a more advanced Interface?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Im really wanting to be able to lay down guitar parts late at night and then re-amp them in the afternoon when no-body is home. Need to open these friggn tubes up!
You would run a line out on your interface to the reamp box, setting in your DAW to have your DI track go to that output on your interface.

You don't necessarily NEED a reamp box. You can use a passive DI box, ran in reverse, and get decent results and on some interfaces, you can even run a cable directly from the line out of your interface into the amp, adjusting for the volume increase, of course. The advantage of using a reamp box though, is that it converts the high level signal coming out of your interface, into the same level as what would be coming out of a guitar.
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Thanks for the quick response Matrix. Would there be any chance of damaging the amp by running the signal directly from my interface? Obviously not the LONG term solution but would be fun to play around with it..