Recently serviced and JJ powertubes put in.

This is the 2 channel one.

Awesome amp, but I need the cash unfortunately

Based in Maidstone, Kent but can deliver for an extra £10 or £15.

£200. Bargain!

Thanks, Luke.
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Yep I don't mind getting a courier to pick it up.

Don't have any pics but can sort some out tomorrow,

Thanks, Luke

just out of curiosity do you have a rough idea of how much the courier would be?
well i have sufficient funds after christmas then i will definitely be interested in taking this off of your hands
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Also, I'm based in Kent but am going to Porthcawl, South Wales for christmas if that helps atall with delivery?

i cant drive so i wouldnt be able to pick it up from you there so you could send it from there or send it from your home assuming a courier service is running over christmas
would you be interested in my laney vc30 (with a celestionv30 speaker) + a bit of cash for head+cab? i could collect too