Recently I've been having some great fun with a podcast called Skeptoid. A friend showed it to me because he had a podcast on Xeno's paradoxes. I liked it, and checked out the others. They're all mostly stella, and they're pretty cool. It basically applies scepticism to a whole range of things, avoiding any moral or political talk (though jests are made here and there). Just pick any that look interesting to you, or pick one which may correct you. I've learned from it!


I love letting in play whilst I'm cooking. I could definitely get into more podcasts. Unfortunately, I've only paid attention to that and Philosophy Bites. Anyone else listen to podcasts? Any recommendations?
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All comedy. Podcasts should only be comedy.

WTF with Marc Maron
Comedy Bang Bang
Who Charted?
The Paul F. Tomkast
The Dead Author's Podcast
Skalrbro Country
Improv 4 Humans

I basically just listed the Earwolf podcasts. Go on earwolf and pick something.
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Oh and NPR's Selected Shorts.

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Art & Lutherie
Love Skeptoid and met Brian Dunning last year at TAM OZ
The skeptics guide to the universe
Pyschology of attractiveness
Geologic Podcast
Too Many Religious People And Not Enough Lions
making this podcast central.

anyone listen to the Matt Graham WTF? shit got real awkward at the end.