Hey there fellow UG posters. Have a long of a question here, so if you have the attention span, please read on.

Okay, so I've been playing guitar for about 2 years now. I am relatively sure that I know most of the basics that I need to know, but now I need some advice from some experienced players.

How and what should I practice? This is probably a general question, but I can't figure this out by myself. Lately I have been practicing scale-like movement across a single string, thinking that mastering one single shape in a scale, than the rest of the scale on the string, and then the next string and then the next would later result in "mastering" the whole neck. But after reading an article, if have been cautioned that this might not be correct.

Should I only use scales for warming up and practice more song-like pieces? Please let me, and the rest of UG, know how you practice. I really would appreciate any meaningful replies.
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Know your scales and be familiar with them, but don't let them dominate your practice time. Scales should be used for warming up your fingers, but it's best to practice techniques in application rather than isolated blocks.
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Muscle memory- fluidity- deconstruction of rhythm segments
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Don't practice scales just for the sake of knowing a shitload of scales. The method you're doing now could be good for remembering notes on the fretboard, but in my opinion scales are way more useful for learning chords and the theory behind them. This way, you'll be able to construct chords by yourself and be able to find new voicings for the ones you already know. This will make you a better guitarist than just knowing every single scale in the world in every key IMO. People will like your playing a lot more if you actually play music instead of trying to show off your technical prowess, that's what I'm trying to say.

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