Just bought a Fender Super Champ XD.

Playing on the clean channel there was a warbling like the 'Chorus' effect was on. I noticed that the other channel effect depth was on '10', turned it down and the warbling went away.

Is this a fault, or normal interference from the other channel ?

Should I take it back ?


Sounds like it was working perfectly. There are several chorus, tremolo, and vibro settings. If it was on any and the depth was 10 then you should hear that efffect.
^ would the chorusy effect from the other channel bleed over to the clean channel is what I think he is asking.

I've played the SuperChamp several times but not enough with the effects to know if that is normal or not.

If you still feel there is a problem then check your user manual, mess around with the dials some more or consult the fender.com superchamp thread
The effects are active on both channels. The amp modeling is only active on the second channel

Aaaaah, I was told the clean channel was clean only. The manual doesn't make it clear altho it does say that the modelling is for channel 2. Too late tonight to check, but will do tomorrow.


The FX are on both channels. Instead of thinking of it as a modeling amp, think of it as a standard amp where the gain channel can be voiced differently.
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