Hey guys, I have a Fender Bass amp from when I was messing around with the bass.
Well I started learning guitar and still have the bass amp.
Do you think I should replace the bass amp with a proper amp ?
Do you still play bass?

Anyway, the bass amp won't react as well to a guitar as it's built to handle the lower tones of the bass. There's a reason it's a bass amp. I know that if you play a bass through a guitar amp you can do some damage, I'm not sure about the other way around.
It won't do any damage, in fact some of them sound really good- like the Bassman. I'm assuming that you probably have a starter amp... It's not going to sound the greatest. If you still have the bass, I would keep it for that, otherwise I would trade it in or sell it for a guitar amp.
I traded my bass and a trace elliot head when i bought my Epi LP. Guess Ill trade it in might as well trade in the Digi bp200 I have too