Hey everyone, this a short (very short) EP I recorded back in 2009. I had recorded it for my senior project in high school. I had recently rediscovered the other day while doing some cleaning. While it's a bit embarrassing at times, there's some moments that really stood out to me and I enjoyed.

It's pretty much just Acoustic/vocals, except for the last song which is vocals and electric. The last song is also a cover of Let It Be, but the 3 other songs are all original.

You don't have to listen to them all, but if you check out at least one of the songs let me know how they are.

Thanks everyone! Also, C4C.

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It's actually really good from what I've heard so far. The melodies are very good and the vocals are soothing although they are better in some parts than other. I usually am not a huge fan of music in which all of the songs are quiet but I think this is some solid material.