Does anyone own any of these or have you tried any of them? I'm thinking about buying a couple for myself for Christmas in an attempt to teach myself more about my guitar. I was specifically looking at 7 String Fretribution with Unearth's Buz McGrath and Extreme Lead Guitar with Jeff Loomis from Nevermore.

Just wondering if anyone can say whether the dvds are worth buying. I feel like they would be, but I just want to be sure.

Also sorry if this isn't in the right place. Feel free to tell me or move the thread.
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Well, i dont own any of them, but i have seen quite a good bit of them here and there, and my opinion, and the general opinion on these is that they suck, they dont teach you anything that you could not read from the guitar pro tab of a nevermore song.

Instead i recommend Jeff loomises Super Shred guitar from guitar world, which is really good, tells you alot about guitar and music, apart from also showing a lot of good exercises. (I own this one, and it is good)

Most important thing though when learning guitar is to not only take input from one guy or one media, try finding other good vids, for example michael romeos "the guitar chapter" or the old John petrucci dvd. also there is a lot of lessons in pdf form, just search google for something like "guitar shred pdf" and loads will pop up
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I really would not buy rock house method. They are pretty mediocre dvd's. I suggest you look into Metal Method DVD's as they are more professional and all around better.
I used Intermediate Rock Guitar by Rock House Method to learn the pentatonic scale. It helped me tremendously. Highly recommend it.
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Just, I dont see it... Ive been familiar with Doug Mark's work probably since the 80's Metal Method goes back to Beta VCR's.

Obviously you have your reasons, and I defer to your opinion about them, but that was a bit of a surprise.

On the other hand I actually like Rockhouse, especially the leadership there. Because from a core component/value they are about teaching, even if the artists themselves aren't.

To me that's quite an adjustment, dealing with the egos and personalities and flavor of the moment's. I am not a fan about the superheroes, as I dont personally find any value in most videos and most are not close to being competent teachers, and ultimately a lot of self indulgent wanking and fluff. However its refreshing when I saw what they did to restrain Wild Child Alexi (They actually used his time at the Winter NAMM show in 2008 to film that series, and I was there) and get him to open up about his theory knowledge, and how matter of fact he was, and straight he is on his musicianship.

I review many titles each year, and Rockhouse definitely demonstrated a commitment to teaching, and with things like extended features, background practice tracks and isolated exercises meticulously documented, a forum where the founders answer questions and help people, I saw above and beyond standard fare.

From a pure teaching standpoint, Wolf Marshall will always be a god, and guys like Danny Gill and Nate Lapointe are awesome and inspirational. Overall, Lick Library sets the bar.

Personally, I find no ones series personally necessarily (Its been over 15 years since I wanted or needed a tab for anything, I can simply play and work out most things that I want to) but I can appreciate the level of teaching that they can have for other people.


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