I have a peavy valveking 212. When I played it today, the sound cut in and out a bit and when i switched to clean from lead, i get no sound now. Even after i turned it off and on again, i still get nothing. I still hear a bit of buzz in the back (speaker?) which makes me think i just need a tube replacement.
Can anyone varify?? ive never changed the tubes.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Could very easily be a preamp tube. I'd have a good look at them, especially the phase inverter.
first response: ya i did. nothing changed it.

second response: how do i have a good look at them? im pretty new to tube amps and am not sure how to go about this.
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i looked at the preamp tubes and all seems to be in order. what exactly is the phase inverter and how can i tell if its ok. And like i said before, i still hear the buzz of the speakers in the background. I hope this is an easy fix as i really want to sell this before i move.
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