I had my amp repaired and retubed. The guy offered to put in a set of sovtek power tubes he had, rather than prolonging the repair by ordering a different set. It was cheaper than ordering, so I just had him go ahead and put in the sovteks. Are they decent tubes, tonally? I've heard mixed reviews on them. I'm picking the amp up tomorrow, so will I be disappointed?
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I've put Sovtek in my Valveking. I really liked... It was way better than the JJ they had standardly.
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Sovtek tubes are fine. Unless you want to drop big bucks on NOS tubes, you'll likely be happy with them.
They're okay tubes but I have had issues with them going microphonic after a couple of hours use.
Well; the same factory that makes Sovtek makes several other brands that people seem to think highly of, so they must be all right. Whether they sound noticeably different is subjective, as is the question of whether you will like the sound of your amp loaded with Sovteks. The only way to answer the last two questions is to plug the amp in, hook up your guitar and play. Find out for yourself if you like it...or if you can even tell the difference.
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Don't like them. Don't put one in your tone stack, it'll probably curl up and die. New Sensor's other valves are better. The grids are different between the different ones (Sovtek, TungSol, Mullard RI, Svetlana <--el crappo) and they sound and last differently. The Sovteks are churned out for the OEM market. I'd stay away from them. The LPS's are ok but I'd stay away from WA and WB.

As an interesting note and clear up any possible misunderstanding; New Sensor make a tube called a Svetlana. They bought the name. These are not to be confused with SED which are actually made in the old Svetlana factory. New Sensor just bought the name. The Svetlana 12AX7's made by New Sensor are a dead sounding piece of crap. I'd probably rank them last out of all New Sensor's 12AX7's. Dreadful tube.
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yeah i'm not too fussed either (based on the few i've tried). "Ok" is just about right- you can generally do better. They're not so bad that they'll make you hate an amp you already like, but they're a bit two-dimensional sounding.

I got a sovtek 5751 recently (as it was supposed to be one of the few decent sovteks) and i didn't think it was amazing, either- better than the other sovteks i've tried, but not great.
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ive had 2 sets of sovtek 5881s both sets failed pretty fast even though they are suposed to be reliable, replaced with sed winged c 6l6 and the tone improved alot as with the reliability since they already outlasted the both sovtek sets together

sed was twice the price but its worth it
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I'll just try them and if I don't like them replace them. Hell, it's just two power tubes. What's a really good brand of 6l6 tubes to look for?
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Ruby and SED and JJ

ask for a matched set

also, i'm not sure what all these 'shops' are doing when they talked about delays due to tubes. One guys waited like 3 weeks for tubes. Send Doug an email at dougstube.com and ask him what he recommends. He is our to NY. It will probably take 2 days to ship something. They would have been at your door by now.