I've been thinking about buying this for a while. I wanted something to pick on as my Seagull does not have a pickguard and I use it for fingerstyle. I tried one at GC some time ago and liked it. After 4 beers I was surfing on Amazon and the sale price and the beer convinced mke I needed it:

Recived the Yamaha today. I really like the feel of it but then I like small guitars. it looks like it is very well built. The strings on it are OK but will probably change them after the holidays. The action at the nut is fine but a little bit high at the saddle. It will make for a fine picker. Not bat for $200.

Attached is the picture along with side by side with Seagull.
Yamaha & Seagull.jpg
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You need an amp, too.

Seriously... Congrats on the purchase. Are you aware they make temporary pickguards? Taylor makes one that will fit on most guitars. I use one on my Taylor T5. If you happen to buy one, Taylor recommends that you remove it after use and keep it in the plastic bag. Apparently it can damage some finishes. I leave mine on my T5 and have had no issues. If it had a nitro finish, I probably wouldn't use it at all.
I bought a 720SL (left handed model) a month ago. It's a nice guitar, although I've found that certain notes will cause the other strings to resonate occasionally. I'm not sure if this is a general acoustic guitar thing or specific to this one.
Nice guitar! I bought the 730S model, the somewhat upgraded model, a few months ago and I couldn't be any happier. Except the fact it had too high action in the beginning, which I immediately fixed by going to the shop, it's flawless in terms of tone and comfortability (within it's pricerange).
congrat neb. dont forget to post pics or videos with it so we too can get our fill of guitar porn !
I have the same guitar, I did quite a lot of reading reviews for everything under the $400 price range, I love this guitar.

When I went into Guitar Center the older guy that helped me told me he carrys around a Yamaha very close to this one to his open mic nights and he loves them. Since I was still new at playing he asked me if I wanted him to demo it for me, he showed me how it sounds fingerstyle and with a pick, both sound great!

He even pulled down quite a few other guitars well out of my price range and as I listened to him I wondered if this Yamaha that's cheaper could possibly sound much better then these "better" guitars, we both agreed, best bang for your buck!

I now take this with me every week to guitar class, in the new year I will be buying an american made Breedlove, but this guitar will still be my guitar I drag around and take to class. Only problem I had was finding a hardcase for it that fit well, I called into MF and talked to one of the reps and I gave them some measurements and he found me a vintage style Alvarez case that fits it snug and perfect once I got it!!

I hope you enjoy your Yamaha as much as I do!
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