So I have nearly completed my setup:
I have my ESP LTD M-200FM Guitar, Blackstar-HT5 Amplifier, Digitech Metal Master, Chorus and Delay.

I absolutely love the sounds I get from my gear, but what I'm looking for now is a pedal that is good for hard rock sounds. The metal master sounds great for the metal sounds that I need, but it is too heavy for the rock sounds that I also want.

The sound that I want to be able to get are Shinedown like tone, Rise Against and maybe a little Joe Satriani. I was almost able to pull some of them off with the metal master, but it is too heavy.

I have been looking at some pedals such as the boss OS-2, MXR Distortion 3.
Do you guys have any recommendations that are around the same price as these two pedals?

MI Audio Crunch Box will most likely be up your alley. Otherwise the Barber Dirty Bomb is also very good.
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I had the Saturator... sold it... barely makes a difference in your sound... gives a bit of an edge. My favorite is SolidGoldFX's SuperDrive... the more natural, full-bodied distortion I have heard. Sounds like adding a lot of gain to your amp, rather than running a pedal. One other option would be by Empress... the MultiDrive (combines fuzz, distortion and overdrive... and you adjust the degree of each within the mix (or eliminate 1-2 of the three, etc.). I prefer the sound of the SuperDrive, but like the diversibility of the MultiDrive.
BBE-AM64 I can get a perfect Revolutions Per Minute sound out of it.