I just wondered if anyone had a basic tone guide for power tubes, although one for preamp tubes would be appreciated too. Also, does anyone know if the JCA100HDM is self-biasing, has to be manually adjusted, or can't be changed?
With 6L6's I'd say JJ all the way, unless you can afford SED. The gap between JJ 6L6's and SED is less than any other type of valve with the possible exception of 6V6. JJ 6L6's (and 6V6's) rock. Hopefully the rumoured decline in JJ quality hasn't hit the 6L6 machinery yet. Just in case I'd grab some now, it may become a trend.
They have to be biased. I'd say that the JJ (or the SED) will run fine without redplating in there even without a rebias but I'd still do it. If you've got good tubes you may as well get the most out of them.
SED - big and beefy, lots of everything. Kickass valve
JJ - Rich and round. Some people say a little darker
Tungsol - A bit chimier than a JJ, not as rounded but good.
This review is pretty good:

As for the preamp, "what sort of sound are you after?" would be an easier question to answer. However this is a fairly decent guide regarding tone of 12AX7's. If you want it more towards the Marshall end of things I'd usually say JJ ECC83S.
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Can I run 6505's in the Jet City? I'm kinda looking to tighten up the bottom a little bit, but not too much. Also, that would let me run it at 50w without adding any power tube distortion, IIRC. Will it take EL34's? I'm basically looking to completely experiment in this department to see what I like best.

Would it be possible for someone to make a sticky that describes every tube's general purpose/tone, then each manufacturer of that tube and their pros/cons?

I was thinking something like: (this is all completely bullshitted, it's just for and example of formatting and whatnot)

EL84's: Mostly used for lower-watt amps, very warm, round tone in general, mostly used for blues

JJ: Lots of mids and bottom end without sacrificing high end or being brittle

Tungsol: Very clear, breaks up less, not as dark as JJ's, but not bright either

6L6: Used a lot for Metal due to their "scooped mids" and in Fender amps to complement Single Coil pickups.

JJ: Darker, and more rounded with plenty of clarity in the top end

Tungsol: Much brighter with a tighter bottom end and decent mids.

Can someone put that together? I think it would be pretty useful.
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Do you mean, 6L6's
I think he means 6550's.

Apparently, Fastredponycar from YT replaced the tubes in one of his Jet City's with Kt88's, and he also stated that Doug from Jet City stated that you can pop in KT88/6550's without biasing as the transformers are "stout enough". I wouldn't trust that statement fully, though. Here's the video I'm referring to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQgidUv3UlY
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Do you mean, 6L6's?

The Tube thread has been done.

No, I meant 6550's. I know at least JJ USED to make them, although I'm pretty sure they still do.


Scroll to the bottom and they're right under KT88's