NOTE: I'm away from my guitar at the moment so I won't be able to do anything with it at the moment.

So my American Standard Strat is new and when I started playing I could here it buzz (this is without being plugged into my amp). I'm wondering if your guitar also buzzes quite a bit when your playing without an amp.

I'm not sure entirely sure if it buzzes while plugged in since I live in the suburbs and theres a limit to what I can crank it up to

So what can I do to remove buzz?

Also the strings look like they have black marks on them and they're not completely clean. I suppose I should change them, any recommendations on strings? The stock Fender strings are a good gauge and size.

you will likely have two kinds of buzz. the first is on the guitar, which if you get too many buzzing frets you need to raise string height and/or adjust the truss rod. what you get into an amp as a buzz is 60 cycle hum because single coils buzz. positions 2 and 4 on your strat are likely not going to buzz because you are using two single coils.

totally different things, as far as a set up goes, do it yourself or bring it in to a shop.

as far as the 60hz hum on the amp, that is going to be there without some form of noise reduction (ISP Decimator), etc.
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