I'm surprised no one has commented on this yet. I think I've listened to it 6 times or so now. I'm really digging the intro. That little riff back and forth is killer.

From my count there seems to be 4 main riffs. The intro riff gets repeated in the song and definitely carries it's own. If I understand the structure correctly, it seems as there are separate riffs for the verses, pre-chorus, and chorus. I think each of these work by themselves, but are honestly a little bland on their own. I like the use of harmonics to add some character, but other than the intro and bridge/solo, it almost seems like a rhythm track. I think the overall composition could benefit from some change up/progression. For example some small lead riffs between verse/pre/chorus or some subtle lead notes during them. These may not work or not be what you are after, but I think they could make the guitar sections less repetitive and give it some more substance. In terms of drums, the same idea with fills or some progressive crash/kick could spice it up too. Many radio bands get away with the repetition by adding some catchy lyrics, but you seem to have the ability to add some flare sonically.

As far as the mix and tone goes, I think you did very well. I am no expert in this as I am just now recording my own music ("Santa" made it possible). I am curious to know which programs you used and what your techniques are. I especially liked the part right after the solo where the guitar was a little more set back and built up.

I know most of the Crits around here aren't nearly this detailed but hopefully its what you are looking for.

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That was great. Guitar tone was killer and the bass had some nice rumble. Everything seemed to sit very well together. I'm jealous of the production! I can see the previous comments about the main riff but it didn't seem overly repetitive to me. Awesome job!

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just hit play, i like how the intro pans back and forth. a little heavier than i was expecting but hey im ready to rock so bring it on. some cool harmonies just happened, right on 49. thats an unexpected little thing that i feel like helps a lot in giving this rock song a nice fresh feel. i always like to hear little things like that. about 1;30 in right now and thinking now this would be a good spot for some vocals. now a bit after 2:30 the snare takes over a more driving role which im not a huge fan of but i like how it picks up and then that main riif takes over by itself to be built back onto again. i commend your work with the dynamics here, giving different feels to a recurring riff as the song progresses.

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